GREY GOOSE® La Poire bottle

You’re invited to experience the joy of intense natural flavours. Reflecting the taste and freshness of an Anjou pear — a classic flavour of French cuisine — this pear flavoured vodka comes alive with a bold taste.

  • nose

    Fruity & Floral

  • palate

    Sweet & Crisp

  • finish

    Broad & Round

alcohol 40% by volume

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available in

  • 750 mL

A Premium Pear Flavoured Vodka

Like the soft winter wheat used to make GREY GOOSE® Vodka, the Anjou pear is cultivated in France and is an essential ingredient in classic French pastries and desserts. This bold French flavour and our unique GREY GOOSE® production process help us produce a superior pear vodka. As in all our flavoured vodkas, we focus on bringing out the remarkably superior characteristics of ripe fruits from regions where those flavours naturally shine. A rich medley of fresh pears produces the complex, intense flavour of GREY GOOSE® La Poire.

Nutritional Facts

66 calories

0g Carbs

0g Fat

0g Sat. Fat

0g Protein

0g Sugar

0g Salt

Average analysis per 30ml serving

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