GREY GOOSE® Vodka Our Story

Made from the best of nature. Crafted with the utmost care. Meant to be savoured sip by sip. GREY GOOSE® is a vodka of unparalleled quality that stands for something more: a celebration of life and taking the time to enjoy its simple pleasures. Learn more about who we are, from our philosophy to our products to our people.

Philosophy & Passion

Our Joie de Vivre

The joy of life is our guiding light. We believe in boldly savouring life's pleasures, finding delight in the simple luxuries nature offers and reveling in the sensorial experiences. We celebrate and appreciate the good things in life, in a way that only the French can. Join us in a toast and see how to live life the GREY GOOSE® way.

Process & Products

Our Commitment to Craft

At GREY GOOSE®, creating exceptional vodka isn't just a process — it's a passion. With unwavering dedication to quality, we've embraced the art of using only two extraordinary ingredients to create the quintessential vodka with unmistakable character. Join us on a journey into the heart of our craft, where every drop tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and unyielding commitment to perfection.


Our Founders and Flock

It all starts with a vision, and the people behind GREY GOOSE® share a passion for creating the best. Our founders, entrepreneur Sidney Frank and Cellar Master François Thibault, started a revolution in the space when they decided to create a vodka with a distinctive taste, rather than try to be flavourless. This dedication expands today with our Global Head of Brand Experience Joe McCanta, and with you — those with good taste. Join our email list to join our flock and stay in-the-know on all things GREY GOOSE®.