Who created the Honey Deuce™ cocktail?

The Honey Deuce™, the signature cocktail of the US Open tennis tournament, was created by successful restaurateur Nick Mautone. GREY GOOSE®, as a sponsor of the US Open, wanted to create a special drink for the tennis tournament, so they tapped Nick to craft one in 2006. The cocktail needed to be interesting and memorable, but easy enough to serve at a high-capacity event like the US Open. 

One day, while at a farmers market, Nick spotted some honeydew melon balls and noticed their striking resemblance to tennis balls. That was just the inspiration he needed for the garnish and the cocktail it adorned. The refreshing-tasting vodka raspberry lemon drink now fills the stands of the US Open, and you can easily make one at home for your own US Open watch party.

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Who created the Honey Deuce™ cocktail?

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