Cocktails Al Fresco

A Little Fun in the Sun

Whether it’s at a hot brunch spot, a shaded curbside café or a sun-dappled rooftop, don’t let the nighttime have all the fun. GREY GOOSE® daytime spots are carefully curated and feature specialty spritzes and sophisticated long serves. Step into the sun and sip on something with a refreshing taste.

Late Night Dining

Good Food and Drinks in Good Company

Tonight, we celebrate. With plenty of shared plates to go around and plenty of stories to share, this is an occasion worth savouring with friends. A dining establishment like this excels at atmosphere as much as they do at culinary delights. Start your evening here with something special (a classic Martini Cocktail perhaps?), then see where the night takes you.

Cocktails To Go

Fresh Serves You Can Enjoy Almost Anywhere

Enjoy carefully crafted cocktails that can travel outside of your favourite bar or restaurant. Explore establishments that provide either can-sealed or bottled GREY GOOSE® cocktails made fresh, letting you easily take away their serves if you so choose. Many places offer click and collect or delivery, so your enjoyment of flavour can know no bounds.

Signature Serves

A Style All of Their Own

Whether it’s a basement bar speakeasy, inviting hotel lobby or buzzing, high-energy hotspot, each place has its own signature style that comes through in their custom-made drinks. Try out these establishments that offer their own unique GREY GOOSE® standout serves, from bespoke Martini Cocktail rituals to passion fruit flights to magnums of sparkling cosmos.

Cocktails On Tap Espresso Martini Cocktail

Be the First to Try an Innovative GREY GOOSE® Cocktail

Experience the silkiest, tastiest cocktail made in seconds with the help from some smooth science. Thanks to breakthrough technology, we’re introducing the first ever subzero temp cocktail in draft form. Expect the coldest, smoothest Espresso Martini you have ever tasted.

Our Story

Destined to Be Different

Learn what sets us apart, from our process and products to our philosophy and passion.