Clear from Crop to Cork

Creating a naturally tasteful vodka means making it from scratch. That’s why we control every part of the production process, from the finest French wheat to the final bottling. From start to finish, the natural brilliance of GREY GOOSE® shines through.

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100% French Vodka

The GREY GOOSE® Story, Distilled

Featured Vodka Cocktail

French Martini Cocktail

Voila! The Martini Cocktail, Now In A Bottle

The new GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail is expertly pre-blended and ready to serve. Simply shake or stir over ice and enjoy its delicately balanced, smooth taste.

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GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail Kit

Not available in stores, this kit includes the ready-to-serve GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail in a Bottle, plus two martini cocktail glasses.