GREY GOOSE® Philosophy & Passion

Life is Worth Toasting

From the laughter shared with friends to the first exquisite taste of a perfectly crafted martini cocktail, life is a collection of stories waiting to be celebrated. With each day, we add new chapters, each one worth toasting. That’s why we fill our glasses with only the finest and raise them high.

Vive La Vodka!

Beauty. Inspiration. Connection. Enjoyment. We embrace the French joie de vivre and believe in savoring each and every moment. We appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy them fully. Our vodka is a tribute to this philosophy, from the delightful pop of the cork to the final nuanced sip. Vive la Vodka! is a celebration of the natural luxuries in life that delight our senses and make us feel most alive.

Tailored Toasts

Big or small, everyone has something to celebrate. Just answer a few questions and we’ll give you the perfect thing to say while raising a glass — all with a little help from AI.

What are you celebrating?

What more specifically?

What style do you want?

What length do you want?

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GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail Kit

Not available in stores, this kit includes the ready-to-serve GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail in a Bottle, plus two martini cocktail glasses.