GREY GOOSE® L’Orange Flavored Vodka

Magic Hour

GREY GOOSE® L’Orange Flavored Vodka

Magic Hour

Raise your glass with a fresh and vibrant blend of GREY GOOSE® L’Orange flavored Vodka, coconut milk, orange juice, and a hint of vanilla. This creamsicle drink is the perfect addition to award show season.




1.5 parts GREY GOOSE® L’Orange
1.5 parts Fresh Orange Juice
1.5 parts Unsweetened Coconut Milk
0.5 part Vanilla Syrup
250 ml Water
250 g Granulated Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean


  1. Combine all ingredients in shaker, add ice and shake until cold.
  2. Strain and serve in rocks glass. Top with grated orange zest.

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