GREY GOOSE® Signature Martini Cocktails

Vodka martini cocktails are perfected with GREY GOOSE® Vodka — now including the Classic Martini Cocktail in a Bottle. From a smooth classic to a flavorful martini cocktail with a twist, these carefully curated martini cocktail recipes are pleasers for every palate.

Voila! The Classic Martini Cocktail in a Bottle

Enjoy a perfectly balanced martini cocktail every time — in practically no time at all. The Martini Cocktail in a Bottle contains GREY GOOSE® Vodka, French vermouth and orange bitters. It's ready to serve and garnish to your taste.

New! GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail Kit

Not available in stores, this kit includes the ready to serve GREY GOOSE® Classic Martini Cocktail, plus two martini cocktail glasses.