Signature serves

The Grey Goose martini

GREY GOOSE Vodka showcases its long, satisfying finish in this iconic cocktail.

Espresso martini

The new third course, a perfect way to finish your dining experience and start your night.

Le Grand Fizz

Long, refreshing and effortlessly extraordinary, Le Grand Fizz is an elegant mix and the ultimate summer serve.

Melon Mule

A twist on a classic, this delicious blend of sweet and spice highlights the full ripeness of the rare Cavaillon melon.


The bold flavour of French Basque cherries is a daring but delicious addition to this classic cocktail.

La Poire Caipiroska

Vibrant and tart, this delicious cocktail accents the naturally sweet anjou pear essence of GREY GOOSE La Poire with fresh lime.

L'Orange Cosmopolitan

The luscious, ripe orange taste of GREY GOOSE L’Orange is the vibrant centrepiece in this mouth-watering modern classic.

Le Citron Bloody Mary

Fresh tomato juice and a rich combination of spices are a zesty complement to the Menton lemon flavour of GREY GOOSE Le Citron.