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GREY GOOSE® Essences Spritz

Glass of Strawberry & Lemongrass Essences cocktail

GREY GOOSE® Essences

Strawberry & Lemongrass

The subtle taste of freshly picked strawberries meets aromatic notes of lemongrass for a cocktail experience like no other.

Glass of Watermelon & Basil Essences cocktail

GREY GOOSE® Essences

Watermelon & Basil

Cold-pressed watermelon mixes with a touch of wild berries for one sensational spirit.

Glass of White Peach & Rosemary Essences cocktail

GREY GOOSE® Essences

White Peach & Rosemary

Delicate white peach blends with a drop of floral rosemary for a flavour that defies your senses.

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