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Glacially Smooth

Experience the height of luxury. Combining spring water from the French Alps and soft winter wheat from Picardie, GREY GOOSE® Altius recreates the extraordinary, natural effects of high-altitude temperatures to yield a remarkably smooth vodka with subtle hints of minerality.

A bottle of Grey Goose Altius in a block of ice

The Bottle

Elevated Elegance

GREY GOOSE Altius bottle

Inspired by the breathtaking French Alps, the GREY GOOSE® Altius bottle captures the essence of windswept mountains, icy blue skies and soaring geese at high altitudes. With every detail, the bottle is as exquisite as the vodka inside.

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The Bottle

Elevated Elegance

A French Alp appears through windswept facets at the base

Three migratory geese embossed into the glass

Hand bottled and individually numbered in limited batches

Frosted gradient from white to blue

Reflective foil collar with etched typography

Metallic silver topper with bespoke engraving

GREY GOOSE Altius bottle


Alpine Water Meets Sub-Freezing Filtration

Made using pure alpine spring water and the softest winter wheat from Picardie, GREY GOOSE® Altius recreates the extraordinary natural effect of high-altitude crystallisation that happens at glacial temperatures to yield a remarkably smooth vodka.

Alpine Spring Water

Our protected alpine spring water originates from the clouds at the highest peaks of the French Alps. It then treks through the natural veins of crystalline rocks, until it reaches a pristine alkaline aquifer.

Soft Winter Wheat

We use the same unique and single-origin wheat from Picardie, the breadbasket of France, that we use in all GREY GOOSE® Vodka products to protect our signature wheat notes.

Sub-Freezing Filtration

GREY GOOSE® Altius is chilled and filtered at glacial temperatures of -24°C. This naturally creates a unique ice crystallisation, simulating the environments at the most intense altitudes of the atmosphere.


Each batch is reviewed by our Cellar Master before bottling. And each is hand bottled and individually numbered so you know you have a truly unique masterpiece.

Global Hotspots

Elite Destinations

GREY GOOSE® Altius is now or will soon be available at these prestigious destinations worldwide, with more to come.

GREY GOOSE® Altius Recipes

The Altini

Enjoy GREY GOOSE® Altius shaken ultra cold, creating small shards of ice crystals throughout. For a unique finish, the cocktail is atomised with a fine mist of alpine botanicals.

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