Season 3, Episode 4

From a very early age, Miguel found a love for music that inspired him to pursue it as a career. Miguel has been influenced by a wide range of music including classic rock, hip hop, funk and R&B. Miguel’s eclectic style runs the gamut of these genres and has helped him get noticed by some of the biggest influencers in the business—most notably, music mogul, Mark Pitts of Jive Records. The video clips below show a passionate, up-and-coming star determined to make it no matter what it takes.

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Artist Portrait

Miguel explains how his religious upbringing and strong work ethic were important pieces to making a splash as an artist.

Creative Process

Miguel describes his techniques in the studio, including how he's always recorded his own vocals in the control room.

Live Performance

Miguel enlists his entire band for this exclusive performance, part of the GREY GOOSE Rising Icons original concert series.


Los Angeles, California

It doesn’t happen often. But every once in a while a young artist comes along who has the chops, vision, range and creative conviction to change the game. Miguel is among that chosen few. READ MORE 

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