Season 3, Episode 3

Jake Troth is a burgeoning musician from North Carolina who mixes rock, folk and Broadway-inspired tunes into his own songwriting and performances. Some of his fondest musical memories are the smell of his mother’s guitar case and the sound of a local heavy metal band that blew him away. Jake studied Fashion Design at Savannah School of Art and Design, and he lived in an artist community gallery in West Oakland—both which helped shape his unique sound. Watch his clips below to learn more about Jake Troth and see where he’s heading next.

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Artist Portrait

Jake Troth describes how the smell of his grandmother's guitar case and getting girls were early motivations in making music.

Creative Process

Watch how this aspiring singer-songwriter creates his songs and tests them in LA clubs to gauge the audiences’ responses.

Live Performance

Jake Troth plays a couple of his new songs for a melllow crowd in New York City.

Jake Troth

Davidson, North Carolina

Jake Troth has been passionate about music since he first found his mother’s guitar under her bed at nine years old. Throughout high school Jake played in short-lived bands, experimenting with different types of rock music but eventually finding a passion for the simple folk singer-songwriter style. After graduating Jake decided to take a year off before heading to college. He left North Carolina and headed west to San Francisco. READ MORE 

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