Season 3, Episode 7

Band of Skulls is a gritty power rock trio from Southampton, UK. See how their modest, working class roots and love for vinyl records helped inspire their straightforward, hard-hitting sound. Formed during their stint in art school, Russell Marsden (guitar and vocals), Emma Richardson (bass and vocals) and Matthew Hayward (drums) merge to create a catchy, bluesy indie rock sound that’s earning International recognition, fueled by their notable single, Sweet Sour.

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Artist Portrait

From South England to the world’s stage, meet three rockers who’ve stayed true to who they are.

Creative Process

From the album artwork to making a video and constructing songs—their approach is honest to its core.

Live Performance

Band of Skulls plays a few of their hit singles, including Sweet Sour, for a raucous crowd in NYC.

Band Of Skulls

Southampton, England

When Southampton’s Band Of Skulls played a sold-out gig at London’s Forum in October 2010, it was a performance befitting a band honed by two years of constant touring, their sun-kissed melodies sweeter than ever, their riffs heavier and dirtier. “In our minds, our first album [2009’s debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey] was quite an intimate little record,” says singer/guitarist Russell Marsden from behind his trademark bug-eye shades, “But it turned into this huge rock thing in venues across the world.” READ MORE 



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