Dave Chappelle + Maya Angelou

Season 2, Episode 6

In this episode, comedian Dave Chappelle and poet Maya Angelou spend a day together at her home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where they discuss how poetry and comedy can bridge both genders and generations.

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Dave Chappelle + Maya Angelou Introduction

Coming Together

Angelou expresses her joy in Chappelle choosing her to join him on ICONOCLASTS

Two Generations

Chappelle and Angelou talk about the importance of two generations meeting.

The Greeting

Chappelle meets Angelou at her home.

Life Changing

Chappelle tells Angelou what an amazing experience it was spending time with her.

Dave Chappelle


As tutored by famed comedian Charlie Barnett, Dave Chappelle learned that comedians must have a definitive point of view. He has since applied that maxim with considerable success and brought laughter to audiences in communities all over America. READ MORE 

Maya Angelou


American poet, civil-rights activist, entertainer, educator, historian and best-selling author, Angelou's life-long work defies traditional classification. She is, however, categorically considered one of the most powerful voices of contemporary literature. From her hardscrabble roots to crafting her Pulitzer Prize winning prose, Angelou's journey is an enlightening lesson in resilience, honesty and the virtue of faith. Share her words and share in something unforgettable. READ MORE 


Wandering Poet

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