Cameron Diaz + Cameron Sinclair

Season 4, Episode 3

In addition to her successful acting career, Cameron Diaz is a longtime environmental advocate, committed to practicing and promoting conservation and sustaining the planet’s resources. Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a global organization that seeks sustainable architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and communities in need. Take a journey as they travel to New Orleans and Biloxi, Mississippi to witness the enduring environmental and human impact of Hurricane Katrina. Watch as these passionate problem solvers each seek to challenge the status quo in different ways. 

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Season 4, Episode 3

Cameron Diaz + Cameron Sinclair Introduction

Building Solutions

Cameron Sinclair discusses what being an architect really means to him.

Creating Spaces That Change Lives

Cameron Sinclair discusses the responsibility that comes with being an architect.

Beyond Celebrity

Cameron Diaz and Cameron Sinclair discuss what makes them iconoclasts.

What is an Iconoclast?

Cameron Diaz explains what it means to be an Iconoclast.

What is an Iconoclast?

Cameron Sinclair explains what it means to be an Iconoclast.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz made her feature film debut at age 21, captivating moviegoers as femme fatale Tina Carlisle in THE MASK. In addition to becoming one of Jim Carrey’s biggest hits, THE MASK gained distinction as the film that launched Cameron Diaz’ career in motion pictures. READ MORE 

Cameron Sinclair


Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder and executive director of Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organization which seeks architecture and design solutions to humanitarian crises and provides design services to communities in need. Currently the organization working in fourteen countries on projects ranging from school, health clinics, affordable housing and long term sustainable reconstruction. READ MORE 

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